Ringtail provides corporations and law firms of all sizes with a powerful e-discovery software solution designed to power document review projects of any size, from small, internal investigations to large multidistrict litigation. Ringtail puts the power of advanced analytics, visual review and smarter workflows into the hands of legal teams of all sizes.

Ringtail 9 includes more than 200 new and improved features designed to improve the speed and efficiency of document review. From faster processing to improved productions, Ringtail 9 makes it easier and faster to get data in and out, regardless of the size or complexity of the matter. And new productivity enhancers like Conditional Coding, Native File Viewer and New Case Home, Ringtail does the heavy lifting to allow your team to work smarter not harder.

Conditional Coding

Ringtail’s Conditional Coding streamlines the coding process to reduce reviewer fatigue, improve consistency and increase scalability. Conditional Coding gives reviewers smart templates that adapt as documents are coded to call attention to required fields. When a document is coded Macros can be created and saved to allow like documents to be coded with just one click.

Conditional Coding

Case Home Enhancement

Ringtail 9 includes a new case home that provides a launching point for users. All Ringtail functions can be found on the new case home, along with recent activity and functionality updates to Ringtail.

Case Home Enhancement

Native File Viewer

Ringtail’s new Native File Viewer gives users the ability to view documents in the program the files were created in, directly within Ringtail. With the addition of Native File Viewer, users gain access to data that previously would have been unavailable to files converted as PDFs, TIFFs, JPEGs and other static files.

This unlocked data includes:

  • Formulas in Microsoft Excel
  • Multipage sheet formula tracking in Microsoft Excel
  • Hidden Fields in Microsoft Excel
  • Slide Notes in Power Point
  • Animations in Power Point.
Native File Viewer

Chat Discovery

Ringtail’s chat and messaging solution gives your team the power to transform indecipherable chat logs into an easy to understand and review set of conversations.

Ringtail’s chat and messaging solution allows you to:

  • Cut the noise to create legible chat strings
  • Identify Individuals/ organizations with color coding
  • Cull for keywords and metadata
  • See what chats an individual had access to; see what individuals accessed a chat
  • Redact transcripts
  • Export transcripts
Chat Discovery UI

Easy Data Upload and Download

Ringtail 9 simplifies the data upload and download process with just a few mouse clicks. New workflows include the ability to upload data directly from a computer's local documents.

Ringtail data upload and download interface

Search Term Analysis

Refine search terms and assess search term performance with Ringtail 9’s new Search Term Analysis reporting. Users can create hit reports and coding breakdowns for a variety of document sets and coding fields to easily understand search term quality and performance.

Search term analysis screenshots

User Reporting and Administration

Ringtail gives administrators the reporting and controls needed to manage multiple cases and clients. Ringtail 9 makes it easier to add and bulk import new users as well as manage user access and privileges. New usage reporting is a vital tool in managing client accounts and cases to evaluate client account growth and data usage for easy billing calculation.

Case data usage

View case or client data usage for account health assessment, growth, and billing.

User privileges dialog

Add users and control user privileges in one intuitive interface.

Review Dashboard

View and monitor the progress of any document review or investigation with Ringtail’s new Review Dashboard. Within one easy to read dashboard, Ringtail administrators can now assess the key metrics of any review at a single glance.


You can use the dashboard to:

  • View review progress of all documents or document segments in a case
  • Understand coding patterns and trends
  • Estimate the number of days to review completion
  • Measure the average number of documents reviewed per reviewer

Refined Search Term Families

Efficiently create, run and automatically updated search terms with Ringtail’s Search Term refinements. Add multiple search terms as at once or bulk upload with spreadsheets to more effectively create Ringtail searches. You can also track search histories to view changes in document totals from search to search.

Search term families

Improved Ingestions and Productions

View a summary report of documents loaded into Ringtail when your project completes. The summary report will generate at the completion of an ingestions project and will also indicate, when needed, what documents may require additional attention or action.

Additionally, Ringtail processing has been optimized for greater efficiency in finding as well as updating files and file sizes.

Manage documents

These enhancements allow you to:

  • Automatically calculate page file sizes and find content files for documents that were excluded from indexing and that failed indexing.
  • Check all documents in the case for new content files and update page file sizes.

Cubes Administration

Cubes can be created and managed in Ringtail.

Cubes administration

As an administrator you can now view, add, and delete the following row and column dimensions:

  • Binders
  • Document Types
  • Main Date
  • Numbers
  • Pick Lists
  • Search Term Families
  • Yes/No (Booleans)
  • Issues
  • Memos
  • Organizations
  • Productions
  • Text Field
  • Dates
  • Levels
  • Mine Clusters
  • People
  • Saved Searches

Deep Linking

The addition of deep linking allows you to share result sets and collaborate with your team. You can also use it to create bookmarks for pages you visit often for quick viewing. Simply copy and paste the URL of the selected page and share and save as you see fit.

Deep linking

Inline Editing

Inline editing has been enhanced to allow users to create links directly from the memo field on the documents page for simplified use. In an effort to further enhance and accelerate workflows, core fields such as pick lists, dates, numbers, text, boolean, and memo fields can now be edited inline of the list view.

Inline editing

Tools Enhancements

Core tools and functionality like processing and workflow have been added to the tools drop down in a continued effort to centralize critical functionality in one convenient location.

Tools enhancements


Ringtail’s new timeline allows users to visualize document distribution over time and combine it with other variables like quick codes and search term families to rapidly narrow the set of documents in the Document Map for a more focused view. Timeline is activated using Workspaces and can be used with result sets of up to 50,000 documents. Documents can be selected by date range or by time interval. The time frame for Timeline is configurable at the case, group, and user level.

Timeline visualization

Using Timeline you can:

  • Select documents in a time range, a specific time interval, or a selection of specific time intervals.
  • Change the date field used within the Timeline.
  • Select a theme for Map and Timeline.
  • Expand and collapse the Timeline.
  • Enable permission to a group to use the Timeline (in Security>Features>Analysis).
  • Set a default Timeline date for the case (in Case Setup>Case Defaults). The default date is Main Date.
  • Select a default Timeline date for a group (in Security>Groups). If you do not set a group default date, the Timeline uses the case default.
  • As a reviewer, select a different Timeline date field to use during a review.

Predictive Coding Enhancements

Ringtail 9 features enhancements to Predictive Coding visualizations, reporting, workflows and Continuous Active Learning methodology to increase usability and ease of defensibility.

Enhanced Visualizations

Ringtail’s award winning predictive coding visualizations have been enhanced to make balancing precision and recall as easy as can be. Use the visual sliding scale to determine the appropriate thresholds for your review. New visual color ranges provide a more accurate view to the thresholds of key Predictive Coding variables to streamline review model creation and decision making.

Predictive coding enhancements


Automatically generate predictive coding summary reports to support court defensibility. Clearly communicate responsive documents, confidence, precision and recall range to validate review methodology.

Predictive coding summary reports

Workflow Enhancements

Selecting document populations and samples for your Predictive Coding review has been optimized to more deeply integrate within the natural Ringtail workflow.

Workflow enhancements

Notable enhancements include:

  • Populations and samples appear in a collapsible tree grid for improved navigation
  • Populations can be created explicitly from binders or saved searches
  • Populations can also be used in advanced and quick search

Continuous Active Learning Activation

Applying Continuous Active Learning (CAL) to your Predictive Coding review can now be achieved with just a few clicks of the mouse. Use CAL’s document score report to monitor the progress of the review and continued optimization of the review model.

Continuous Active Learning

By activating Continuous Active Learning you can:

  • Rapidly identify relevant documents earlier in the review process
  • Begin the review process prior to receiving complete document sets
  • Introduce new documents at any point in time without disrupting the review model

Ringtail Mobile Binders iPad App

Reviewing case files on the go isn’t easy--it requires cutting edge mobile interfaces and advanced security to provide a usable solution. Ringtail Binders meets and exceeds these demands to deliver Ringtail case data into your iPad securely and with ease of navigation.

Ringtail Binders gives you the flexibility to view, search, annotate, and tag key documents from anywhere, at any time, all from the convenience of your iPad.

iPad Ringtail Binders app

Using Ringtail Binders you can:

  • Easily add binders from your Ringtail desktop environment to be accessed via iPad.
  • View document lists and core fields In Ringtail Binders to filter, search and tag important documents.
  • Create lists of important documents that can be emailed for sharing and future reference.
  • Convert documents to PDF to review, select and zoom in on pages from the thumbnail view.
  • Annotate documents with highlights and notes. Show, hide and proof redactions

Rendering Speed Acceleration

Ringtail has always provided users an interface that responds rapidly to user actions, now with rendering speed enhancements, users will experience a 3x improvement in doc-to-doc rendering response time. This means load times for pages and native view are accelerated as well as download times and transitions from workspace-to-workspace.

New e-mail threading dramatically reduces review of duplicate e-mails.

Designed to help legal teams parse e-mail conversations quickly and accurately without reading duplicate passages of text, Ringtail’s new e-mail threading feature is comprehensive, but easy to use. Reviewers will be able to scan long threads and identify the unique parts of each e-mail, see pivots where new threads begin and see where attachments or people are dropped or added to a unique conversation. And because e-mail threading is controlled during the processing phase, legal teams can deploy threading analysis on a case by case basis.

Ringtail’s e-mail threading uses unobtrusive icons and rollovers to present detailed information, allowing reviewers to parse complex threads, see what changed from one branch to another and focus on key e-mails only.

Macro to micro analytics makes discovery of key facts and documents easier than ever.

Rebuilt to encourage day-to-day use, the new Ringtail user experience emphasizes simplicity and interoperability between Mines, Cubes and Document Mapper so that legal teams can move effortlessly from analyzing millions of documents to reviewing thousands.

When faced with large, unknown data sets, Mines can deliver information-rich visualizations that help project leads look beyond the documents and see into the conceptual heart of the matter.

Dramatically redesigned with a large, legible layout and easy access, the new advanced search features color-coded fields, easy to use keyboard shortcuts and intuitive drag and drop query building. This results in one of the more exciting additions to Ringtail as you can now transform any mine, cube, list or map into a search query with a single click. And with commands like new search, copying a search to the clipboard, and opening and saving searches, you can begin to search quickly by creating, sharing, or leveraging a previously saved search.

Ringtail's advanced search uses natural language, keyboard shortcuts and drag and drop to make the creation and editing of searches quick and easy. And the large screen layout improves legibility when searches get complex.

New quick search is your one-stop, powerful shortcut to all content and administration tasks.

A new quick search box includes autofill capability to simplify reviewers’ search for saved searches, assignments, document content, metadata, and document IDs as well as administrators’ search for mines, cubes and productions. In addition to providing a direct link to the content or object, quick search provides a direct link to the administration of items such as binders, groups and workflows.

Quick search provides a one stop global search for all objects in Ringtail. Color coding helps users parse the field types and build searches effortlessly.

Ringtail’s workspace editor allows reviewers to build and save custom workspaces.

E-Discovery projects come in all shapes and sizes. With Ringtail’s new workspace editor you can tailor the user interface to match the types of projects you need to tackle. Looking at a set of documents for the first time and only want to see the high level? Create a “map only” view to optimize your interaction with the documents and concepts. Getting ready for trial or deposition? Use Document Mapper with the document viewer to review key case documents and identify gaps in evidence. Doing quality control? Leverage the browse panel to view search term families against coded documents to identify trouble spots in coding. With the workspace editor – you can spend less time configuring your software and more time reviewing documents. And you can switch between your favorite workspaces via the new Ringtail action bar.

You can create and edit custom workspaces with Ringtail. Use the Action Bar to effortlessly switch between layouts.

New integrated processing builds a comprehensive foundation for every matter. (included with SaaS; optional for On Premise)

With a comprehensive set of configuration options that can be customized to meet any project’s requirements, Ringtail’s new integrated processing surrounds an optimized workflow with engaging dashboards and detailed status information on all jobs. Ringtail processing provides a consistent and repeatable start for your e-discovery projects and adds value to each document by offering a nearly unlimited range of processing options that enable rapid identification and delivery of relevant documents at any stage of the e-discovery process.

Processing jobs are highly customizable ensuring that your metadata and index meet the needs of your review team.

Manage and share transcripts with ease

Completely redesigned for Ringtail 8, transcripts are now easier to import, manage and view. This new design also reduces the amount of scrolling required to view notes, issues and links. And with the new, extended linking capability, you can link your transcripts to a wider variety of items in Ringtail and beyond. With Ringtail transcripts you can do the following:

  • Import directly from LiveNote, including both PCF (collection) and PTF (individual) files.
  • Browse, search and annotate transcripts.
  • Generate reports with a single click.
  • Export to Microsoft Word or Excel with a single click and choose only the issues you want to include.
  • Link transcripts to key documents, saved searches, binders, issues and web pages

With an emphasis on collaboration, legal teams can import, browse, search and annotate the same set of transcripts via a web browser.

Simplified case management page improves the speed and efficiency of Ringtail administrators.

The redesigned case management page delivers ease of use and improved productivity to litigation support teams, making the creation, configuration, and tracking of all e-discovery projects breathtakingly simple. Improved usability includes an organized case home page, new hierarchical task menus, navigation “breadcrumbs” and a quick-link sitemap.

Ringtail’s new case management portal simplifies all tasks associated with the creation, editing and management of e-discovery projects.

Redesigned review workflow automates quality control and powers defensible review projects.

Ringtail’s review workflow enables legal teams to automate best practices for a wide variety of review types providing an efficient and defensible layer of quality control on all review projects.

Ringtail review workflow screenshot

Review Workflow summary allows administrators to review the status of all the phases in a review – and identify trouble spots.

Find critical keywords effortlessly with custom color multi-hit highlighting.

Search results get smarter with Ringtail via the use of search term families and custom hit highlighting. Assign unique colors to privilege terms, hot keywords and responsive phrases to help reviewers rapidly find and mark key documents.

Hit highlighting for marking key terms in e-discovery documents

Identify relevance and privilege terms in the same document using custom color multi-hit highlighting.

Improve reviewer consistency with coding history hints.

Getting reviewers to mark similar documents consistently is a real challenge. The integrated coding hints feature in Ringtail promotes consistent review by displaying the unique coding of other documents. Coding hints can be based on the most similar document, the last coded document or based on a set of defaults and can be applied field by field or en masse.

Coding history hints

Reviewers can add nuanced coding information to documents quickly by leveraging coding history hints.